Legend of Awakening: Episode 13 Recap

Zi Yan gets on knees and ask Qin Sang to lose to Lu Ping in the game. Qin Sang scolds Zi Yan and thinks it will get him down if she does so.

Legend of Awakening: Episode 13 Recap

Su Tang tells Lu Ping not to lose to Qin Sang. He promises to it and thinks it’s the best respect to her. The game begins. Mo Lin shoots Qin Sang’s maids with the net, and he trips out of the stage with Su Tang.

Su Tang, Mo Lin and the two maids are weeded out. Qin Sang tells Zi Yan to leave so that she can fight with Lu Ping alone.

Qin Sang gets Lu Ping to get on knees, and Zi Yan takes him to avoid Qin Sang’s sword art light dancing. Zi Yan explains to Qin Sang that she never thinks about to crack light dancing.

Wen Rui shows up with his followers, and wants to catch Zi Yan. Qin Sang lifts her sword and intends to kill Zi Yan.

Lu Ping stops Qin Sang and tells her that she will protect Zi Yan because she helped him avoid the light dancing.

Qin Sang tells Lu Ping that she can forgive Zi Yan if he wins her in the game. He agrees to it and tells Su Tang to take care of Zi Yan.

Lu Ping thinks Qin Sang didn’t want to kill Zi Yan, and she is the most soft girl. Qin Sang helps Lu Ping defeat her. She tells Zi Yan that she will kill her if she sees her again. Qin Sang walks away.

Lu Ping takes Zi Yan to see Chu Ming, and he tells her that Chu Ming will protect her. Lu Ping tells Zi Yan that she isn’t the maid anymore and she can do anything she wants.

Zi Yan tells Lu Ping that she wants to follow him, but he thinks she should think about it. She worries that Qin Sang will get punished, and he tells her to leave the job to him.

Qin Sang is punished to copy family rules, and Qin Qi intends to get a sword maid for her. She rejects it.

Wen Rui reports to Qin Qi that he didn’t find Zi Yan, and thinks Lu Ping concealed her. Qin Qi sighs and asks to forgive Lu Ping.

Lu Ping visits Qin Sang and helps her to copy family rules. She points out that her brother will find it out, and holds his hand to copy.

Lu Ping stares at Qin Sang’s eyes, and she thinks he is a rogue. Emperor summons Lu Ping and his friends, and Lu Ping asks for money.

You Dao is happy to see those money, and Lu Ping intends to leave with Ge Cheng. Ge Cheng visits Lu Ping but You Dao feels sick.

Ge Cheng reminds Lu Ping that nobody knew they went to apricot blossom hotel, and thinks someone leaked the message. He tells him to get rid of You Dao.

Xi Fan hears the talk, and thinks Lu Ping shouldn’t suspect their master. He promises to find the evidence. Lu Ping agrees to it, and he wants to find evidence as well.

Lu Ping gets Su Tang to see Mo Lin. Mo Lin finds out that You Dao came to the apricot blossom hotel after smelling the wine. But he gets stunned by Lu Ping. Lu Ping wants to give You Dao another chance.

Chu Ming shows up in You Dao’s room, and scolds him for concealing something from her. Su Tang shows up and asks Chu Ming to treat Zi Yan.

Lu Ping sees You Dao applying the medicine on his wound, and brings the wine to him. Qin Sang and Xi Fan go to see Tian Qi, and they find the sign of Shanhai sect on Tian Qi’s palm.

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