Legend of Awakening: Episode 14 Recap

Lu Ping asks You Dao to explain his wound, and You Dao fights with Lu Ping. Pu Ping casts the dart to You Dao. You Dao falls down.

Legend of Awakening: Episode 14 Recap

Qin Sang and Xi Fan are talking about if You Dao is the man of Shanhai sect or not. Tian Qi wakes up and tells Qing Sang that Ge Cheng tried to kill him, and he took away the gold seal from him.

Qin Sang wonders why Ge Cheng wanted to kill Tian Qi, and Xi Fan thinks Tian Qi stepped in the trap Ge Cheng prepared for Lu Ping.

Qin Sang asks why Ge Cheng provoked Lu Ping to deal with You Dao. Xi Fan thinks the person who saved Tian Qi was You Dao, and he tells Qin Sang to stop Lu Ping.

Lu Ping is hurt by Ge Cheng, and the men calls Ge Cheng the chief of Wind department. Ge Cheng tells Lu Ping the awakener that it’s to go back.

Mr. Wei takes his men to surround Qin Sang and Xi Fan, and Qin Sang learns that Wei family united Shanhai sect. Chu Ming shows up and stuns Mr. Wei. Xi Fan tells her to help You Dao.

The group arrives at the hotel, and they see the bloodstain on the floor.

Chief Zhou praises Ge Geng for catching Lu Ping after getting rid of his martial arts for three years. Ge Cheng points out that he could only win Qin Qi’s trust when he doesn’t have any martial arts.

Chief Zhou asks Ge Cheng if his sacrifice is worth of it. Ge Cheng claims that he fears nothing for the chief, and he wants to take Lu Ping to Shanhai sect.

Chief Zhou rages to yell at Ge Cheng that the job should be done by fire department. Ge Cheng asks Chief Zhou if he wants to delay the chief’s plan. Chief Zhou leaves the medicine to Ge Cheng.

Qin Sang walks out and tells Xi Fan not to wish her to comfort him as she has comforted Su Tang. Xi Fan sighs that he didn’t protect the people around him.

Qin Sang wants to ask Qin Qi a favor, but Xi Fan points out that Qin Qi won’t help anyone if he doesn’t see the evidence.

Chu Ming tells Xi Fan to find the evidence, and she doesn’t accept him as her disciple. Su Tang mentions what Xi Fan said that he won’t get anyone to drop out.

Xi Fan asks Mo Lin to smell the whole city to look for Lu Ping, and Mo Lin thinks Xi Fan is insane. Mo Lin vomits blood after using spell, and tells Su Tang that Lu Ping is waiting for them.

Ge Cheng arrives at the dock and tells Lu Ping to take care of himself as the way is chilliness. Lu Ping thinks Ge Cheng likes to act Mr. Wen, and Ge Cheng points out that Lu Ping would live well if he left with him from apricot blossom hotel.

Lu Ping asks Ge Cheng if he has stepped his trap since the soul meeting. Ge Cheng tells Lu Ping that the only thing he could do was to let him walk to him.

Ge Cheng says that the stuff was lit in the room was the medicine to intensify the power of soul, and it made the chain to be tight. Ge Cheng reminds Lu Ping that nobody can leave from Shanhai sect.

You Dao jumps off the ship and saves Lu Ping. Chu Ming feels relieved that You Dao doesn’t die. You Dao tells Lu Ping that Chu Ming misses him even if she doesn’t tell her feelings. She tells him to shut up.

Lu Ping thinks Ge Cheng doesn’t understand him and You Dao, and he shows the gold seal.

It flashes back. Lu Ping brings the wine to You Dao and asks to drink together. You Dao rejects it, and Lu Ping asks him to tell him the truth.

You Dao reveals that he came to apricot blossom for protecting him, and he wants to visit Wen mansion. Lu Ping thinks it’s the method of Shanhai sect, and he finds out that someone is bugging them. Lu Ping tells You Dao to act with him.

Lu Ping tells Ge Cheng that You Dao has killed the men he sent, and asks him to leave with him. But Ge Cheng tells Lu Ping that the Shanhai sect isn’t the previous one, and he drinks up the medicine.

Ge Cheng defeats everyone with his new power, and take Lu Ping to get in the ship. Lu Ping asks Ge Cheng why Shanhai sect wants him, and Ge Cheng tells Lu Ping that he will tell him when he goes to Shanhai sect with him.

You Dao tells Xi Fan to use the blade to defeat Ge Cheng, and Xi Fan promises not to get Lu Ping to drop out. You Dao sighs that he cannot conceal Lu Ping, and Chu Ming thinks it’s Lu Ping’s fate. Su Tang and Mo Lin arrive, and You Dao tells the two to save Lu Ping.

Qin Qi stops Qin Sang from opening the door, and she tells him that Ge Cheng is the man of Shanhai sect. She asks him to send troop to save Lu Ping, but Qin Qi asks Wen Rui to send Qin Sang home.

Someone throws the Shanhai seal into the room, and Qin Sang opens the door with the seal. She gives the list to Qin Qi, and he decides to go to catch Ge Cheng.

Xi Fan saves Lu Ping from Ge Cheng in the bamboo forest, but Xi Fan gets defeated. Ge Cheng tortures Lu Ping and tells him that his parents were died in the Shanhai sect.

Xi Fan picks up the bamboo and cuts Ge Cheng’s neck. Mo Lin catches the chance to shoot Ge Cheng. Lu Ping thinks Xi Fan concealed his real power.

Xi Fan brings the wine to see Lu Ping on the roof. Lu Ping speaks out Xi Fan’s identity, the younger master of Wuji mountain villa. Xi Fan reveals that he felt shame for not saving his best friend.

Xi Fan tells Lu Ping to use his power on the right path, but Lu Ping worries that his power will get used by evil guy. Xi Fan comforts Lu Ping that he won’t let him drop out. Pu Ping promises not to fear.

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