Lie After Lie: Episode 8 Recap

This is the recap for Korean drama Lie After Lie: Episode 8. Ho-Ran intends to take Woo-Joo to get in the car. Eun-Soo stops Ho-Ran and tells her to get her hand off of Woo-Joo. Woo-Joo is surprised and asks what happens. Eun-Soo tells Woo-Joo to stand aside.

Lie After Lie: Episode 8 Recap

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Lie After Lie: Episode 8.

Eun-Soo asks Ho-Ran if she knows what she is doing. Ho-Ran says that she was just passing by and saw a girl from their art competition. She adds that she was going to give her a small gift. Eun-Soo asks Ho-Ran when she has been so warmhearted, and tells her that she’s the daughter of a guy she likes.

Ho-Ran points out that a stranger might think Eun-Soo is Woo-Joo’s mom, and thinks she will be her stepmom if she marries the guy. Eun-Soo tells Ho-Ran not to touch Woo-Joo with her dirty hands. Ho-Ran asks Eun-Soo if she is allowed to Woo-Joo with the hands that killed her son. Eun-Soo holds Woo-Joo and walks her. Ho-Ran stares at them from the car, and thinks things won’t go as Eun-Soo planned. She opens her hand. We see the hair she took from Woo-Joo.

Eun-Soo asks Woo-Joo if it surprised her. Woo-Joo says that she has never seen Eun-Soo angry before. Eun-Soo feels sorry and reveals she thought a stranger was taking Woo-Joo away. She asks her what Ho-Ran did to her. Woo-Joo says that Ho-Ran just stroked her head.

Woo-Joo asks Eun-Soo how she ended up picking her up. She mentions her aunt said that she was going to come. Eun-Soo explains that came up for her aunt, so Ji-Min asked her to do that. Woo-Joo smiles and thinks it feels great. She adds that there was an event at her school.

Woo-Joo says that it’s a choir competition for moms, and her friends all said they couldn’t hang out with her because their moms came. Woo-Joo reveals she had been a bit depressed, but she feels great to see Eun-Soo there. Eun-Soo asks Woo-Joo if she wants to do the art lesson outside.

Woo-Joo texts Ji-Min that she’s doing art lesson at Eun-Soo’s house. She tells him to pick her up. Ji-Min thinks Woo-Joo is giving Eun-Soo a hard time while seeing the photo. Hyun-Bin recognizes Eun-Soo and reveals she’s the woman who took Woo-Joo to the art competition.

Hyeong-Kook thinks Eun-Soo isn’t just an acquaintance since Ji-Min left Woo-Joo with her. He asks Ji-Min if Eun-Soo is the woman from the cherry blossom festival. He thinks it’s a huge scoop. He tells Hyun-Bin to interview Ji-Min. Hyun-Bin asks Ji-Min to look into the camera. Ji-Min avoids it and thinks he should work at a different department.

Woo-Joo tells Eun-Soo that she wanted to be tutored to become the first place. But Ji-Min told Woo-Joo to think about what art means to her. Woo-Joo reveals it’s a friend. She adds that she began to draw because she wanted to show off. But after she took lessons from her, it feels more like a friend.

Woo-Joo says that she will be okay even if she doesn’t become the first place. Eun-Soo asks Woo-Joo if she wants her to share a secret with her. She says that there is a precious photo she couldn’t show anyone. She adds that she will show it to her first when she has the courage. Ji-Min arrives, and Woo-Joo waves to him.

Eun-Soo wants to grill the meat for Ji-Min. But he rejects it. Woo-Joo reveals her dad has a rule when he grills meat. She mentions what he said that he will never hand over the tongs to anymore when he grills meat. Ji-Min tells Eun-Soo that she will never offer to help again once she tastes the meat he grills.

Woo-Joo makes a lettuce wrap and puts it into Ji-Min’s mouth. He tells her that her lettuce wrap is the best in the world.

Sang-Kyu joins Ho-Ran and asks her why she wanted to see him. She asks him why he told her that he got rid of Eun-Soo’s daughter. He says that he dumped the girl in the water. She thinks it must’ve been freezing to be on the cold lake floor.

Sang-Kyu asks Ho-Ran why she suddenly brings up the incident. She says that she kept getting reminded of the girl today. She thinks the little baby was only momentary. But she held her in her arms. She asks him if he remembers that. He says that he forgot it.

Ho-Ran asks Sang-Kyu if he resents her. She says that it’s the heart of a mother who lost her child. She asks him if he would ever understand it. He says yes. But she thinks his eyes say no. She gives the envelope to him, and tells him to have it tested himself. He opens the envelope and finds the hair inside.

Ji-Min gives the wine he likes to Eun-Soo but he isn’t sure if she likes it. She tells him not to worry about it as she will enjoy the wine. He asks her if she has time the weekend as he wants to watch the movie she talked about. She says that she likes to do that, but the movie isn’t playing in theatres anymore.

Se-Mi remembers Ji-Min talked with someone over the phone, and she worries about it. The classmate finds out that Woo-Joo’s necklace is new. Woo-Joo reveals it was given by her art teacher. Another classmate asks if the teacher is the one who taught them the other day. Woo-Joo admits it.

The girl gives two cookies to Woo-Joo, and mentions what her mom said that Woo-Joo is pitiful because she doesn’t have a mom. Woo-Joo tells the girl to eat the cookies as she doesn’t have any friend. She adds that she always makes friend with her pretty clothes and cookies.

Mi-Jin visits Eun-Soo and finds out that she is making wine. She gives the cookies to her shares that Jin-Gook is depressed. So she made something sweet for him. She says that she will sell them at her bakery if it tastes good. Eun-Soo asks why Jin-Gook is depressed. Mi-Jin laughs and says that he does so because of Woo-Joo.

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