My ID Is Gangnam Beauty Kdrama Recap: Episode 3

In the 3th episode of My ID Is Gangnam Beauty Kdrama Recap, Chan Woo takes Mi Rae to restroom, and bullies her. But Kyung Seok stuns him, and saves her. Mi Rae treats Kyung Seok, and thinks she shouldn’t judge people by their looks.

My ID Is Gangnam Beauty Kdrama Recap: Episode 3

My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

Mi Rae is upset when remembering Chan Woo’s words, and sits in front of a restaurant. Woo Young shows up, and asks her if she is ok, and gets water for her. But she takes the water bottle off when remembering that Chan Woo took the water bottle to approach her. Just then Kyung Seok yells at Woo Young because he thinks Woo Young was intention to sleep with Mi Rae, and wants to take her away. But Mi Rae refuses him.

A man touches Mi Rae when she is waiting Hyun Jung at the cafe, and claims she was the girl he met at the bar. But Mi Rae doesn’t know her at all, and he leaves after Hyun Jung shows up. Hyun Jung tells Mi Rae to be careful of Soo A since she asks her if she got plastic surgery in front of others. Mi Rae asks her if she needs to tell her classmate that she got the surgery, Hyun Jung gives her a positive answer, but she suggests her to tell them that she only got a little fixing.

The men see Soo A off outside her house, and think her family is rich. But she goes out from the building after they left, and sits alone at the bus stop. The next day, she runs into Won Ho, and tells him that his feet are beautiful, he thinks he has the chance to win her.

Ye Na walks Kyung Seok at the campus, and thinks Soo A is slow-witted about Mi Rae’s looks. But he doesn’t reply her. Just then Soo A shows up, and asks to talk with Kyung Seok alone, and points out that there are chili powder on Ye Na’s face. Ye Na is embarrassed after checking it.

Soo A tells Kyung Seok that she apologized to Mi Rae, and he asks her why she asked Mi Rae if she gets plastic surgery. She is speechless, so he points out that she told Chan Woo that they couldn’t be relationship because of Mi Rae. Just then Ji Hyo shows up, and asks Soo A if Kyung Seok apologized to her. Soo A gives her a positive answer, and asks Ji Hyo that if she falls for Kyung Seok. Ji Hyo denies.

Hye Sung lands Korea, and calls Sang Won that she wants to see her children. Kyung Seok has a talk with Mi Rae, and thinks she should get surgery on her mindset after knowing she changed her looks because people looked down on her.

Chan Woo shows up at the classroom, and asks Yoo Eun to call her classmate. He is furious after knowing Kyung Seok didn’t come, and asks everyone to do push-up. Just then Tae Young shows up, and suggests him to take the person to other place, as he will get the chance to be filmed.

So Chan Woo takes them to the restroom, and tells all the girls to leave, except Mi Rae. Mi Rae is out of mind, and yells at Chan Woo. So he pushes her over, and Kyung Seok catches the chance to kick Chan Woo. Chan Woo takes the mop, and fights with him. But Kyung Seok stuns him, and Won Ho catches the chance to take the pictures.

Mi Rae walks around the campus, and thinks everyone looks down on her. She returns home with dumplings when Eun Sim is calling Tae Sik, and asks him to return home. Eun Sim hugs Mi Rae, and thinks people saw the true value behind her looks after seeing her dancing video. Mi Rae asks her mother what her value is. Eun Sim tells her that she is cheerful. Tae Sik drinks up with his friends, and doesn’t want to return home. But he is moved after knowing Mi Rae took dumplings home.

Yoo Eun and Jung Boon talk about if Mi Rae will return or not, and worry about her when Mi Rae shows up. Mi Rae is moved, and apologizes to them because she judged depending on their looks. Soo A asks Mi Rae if she is in relationship with Kyung Seok. Mi Rae denies, and tells her that she and Kyung Seok were classmates during middle-school. She regrets it then, because she asked Kyung Seok not to reveal they were classmates before.

Soo A tells others about it then, and Won Ho reveals he saw them eating together. Yoo Eun and Jung Boon think something happened between them, although Soo A tries to denies it.

Mi Rae hurts her hand in the lab, Kyung Seok and Woo Young go to check her condition, and Woo Young suggests her to put her hand in the cold water. Soo A is jealous of it, and pretends to help Mi Rae. But she breaks the flask, and tempts Mi Rae to touch. But Woo Young stops her from holding her hand.

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