Where Stars Land Kdrama Recap: Episodes 1-2

These are 1-2th episodes of Where Stars Land Kdrama Recap, Yeo Reum meets Soo Yeon in the office. She finds out he was the man who saved her at the bus stop, and asks him about it. But he denies it.

Where Stars Land Kdrama Recap: Episode 1

Where Stars Land

Yeo Reum sleeps in bed, and dreams that her father tells her that there isn’t any coincidence in the world. Eun Sub calls her, and reminds her that she is late. She sighs to cheer up herself after looking at the watcher. It rains when she is at street, so she has to take her bag to cover her head because she forgets the umbrella.

She runs into Soo Yeon outside the flower shop, and her watcher sticks to his hand. She feels sorry, and tries to remove it from her hand, but it’s too hard. So he helps her, and leaves. Yeo-Reum thinks she saw him before. Just then the bus passes through, she runs to chase the bus.

One year ago.

Yeo-Reum runs to the meeting room, and her head is injured. She explains that she got into a car accident. The guys suggests her to get treat first before going on the interview. But she refuses, and passes out. The guys go to see her, and think they need to call 911. The woman Seo-Koon calls ambulance.

Seung-Cheol complains to Seo-Koon about the troubles Yeo-Reum brings, and Yeo-Reum shows up claiming that she will try her best on her job. Just then there is a new task, so Seo-Koon gives the task to Yeo-Reum. But Yeo-Reum makes two mistakes before she goes on the task. Seo-Koon thinks Yeo-Reum isn’t mine, but slow. Seung-Cheol says she is a troublemaker, so Seo Koon asks him to go with Yeo Reum. But Seung Cheol asks Soo Yeon to do the job for him.

Soo Yeon sees Yeo Reum in the hallyway, and she knows nothing about her task, but she realizes that she will be fired if she fails again. She runs to hall, and remembers her father gave the compass to her to avoid to get lost.

Moo Ja takes his luggage to break the machine as he thinks the airline firm doesn’t respect their customers. One female worker tries to persuade him to calm down, and Yeo Reum asks her what happened. Moo Ja yells that why the counter doesn’t issue his ticket, and breaks another machine.

Yeo Reum asks the female work to call security, and explains to Moo Ja that it was just a misunderstanding, but he wants to take to CEO instead, and kicks down the third machine. So she calls him “crazy”, he is mad and asks her to complete her sentence.

10 months ago.

The guy asks Yeo Reum if she called the passenger “crazy jerk”. Another guy stands to the window, and check her paper, telling her that she will be fired if she does it again.

Moo Ja asks Yeo Reum why she stares at him, and asks her to answer his question. She says that she doesn’t swear at him, but he thinks she sneers at him, and grasps her clothes. She asks him to take off his hand, and he is intention to slap her. Just then Soo Yeon takes Moo Ja’s hand, and tells him that her action is illegal. Moo Ja is arrested then.

Yeo Reum mentions the bus stop to Soo Yeon, and wants to help him access to the lounge. He sighs, and show his employee id to her, and mentions she lets the passenger to broke three machine. Then Seung Cheol scolds her for it, and she explains that she tried to stop the passenger. But he doesn’t believe what she said, and asks her to write the report in detail.

Seo Koon asks Soo Yeon to be Yeo Reum’s mentor since she only knows saying sorry after making mistake. He asks her if he must do it, Seung Cheol laughs, and says he never says such words to her boss even if he is a manager.

Yeo Reum hurts her hand while moving some heavy stuff, Soo Yeon goes to help her. But she says that she can do the tough jobs herself, but she trips. He takes his hand on her shoulder to help her, and she asks him to tell her more details about Seung Cheol. He tells her where the tensabarrier storage is, and asks her if she has a pen and paper. But she is confident of her memory, and pretends she got it.

Seung Cheol scolds Yeo Reum that she took over two hours to complete the task, and mentions Soo Yeon told her the details. She thinks Soo Yeon did on purpose, and Eun Sub tells her a rumor about Soo Yeon.

The worker pushes the luggage carrier in a hurry, and almost hits the child who goes to catch his ball. Soo Yeon rushes to stop the luggage carrier with just one hand.

Yeo Reum doesn’t believe what Eun Sub’s story, and he tells her to be nice to Soo Yeon because he is just a newbie. Soo Yeon sees the older lady wants to walk in the gate while the guard blocks her. She asks Soo Yeon to save her son.

Where Stars Land Kdrama Recap: Episode 2

Yeo Reum blames Seo Koon to send a newbie as her mentor, but Seo Koon points out that Yeo Reum worked in the department for one day, but Soo Yeon worked for 4 months. Yeo Reum mentions her pride, but Seo Koon asks her to work. Yeo Reum has to obey her order, and hides herself behind the pillar. Eun Sub tells her that Seo Koon has no mercy to work, and she worries about losing her boss’s favor. Just then Soo Yeon calls Yeo Reum, and tells her that a child was reported missing.

Yeo Reum finds out the missing person isn’t child but adult, and Soo Yeon asks her to wait for Seo Koon. But she doesn’t want to obey his order, and follows him to the airside because she thinks he tries to win points from her. She asks him if they met before, but he denies.

Seo Koon asks everybody to look for the missing person with yellow clothes. But they didn’t find him. The person wears black clothes to cover the yellow shirt, and sits in the lobby. So they didn’t find him.

Ramp manager Tae Hee and Jung Hoon argues about the gate six, but they don’t want to give in. So Eun Sub asks director to persuade them. Soo Yeon goes to check the missing person the men restroom, and asks Yeo Reum to wait outside. She thinks he ordered her, and sees the person wearing yellow shirt.

Jung Hoon gives in on the end, so that Tae Hee can use the gate six. But the missing person notices the plane was changed and is nervous. Soo Yeon goes out but he doesn’t find Yeo Reum. So he calls her and the sound of the radio sending signal to the yellow person. He walks into the men washroom.

Geun Woo beats Jung Hoon because he thinks he changed the plane. Seo Koon finds Geun Woo through the CCTV, and asks Soo Yeon to contact Yeo Reum with phone. But Yeo Reum didn’t pick her phone. She tells Geun Woo that his mother looked for him, and tries to persuade him. But he thinks she wants to arrest him, and hits her with a stuff.

But Soo Yeon stop him with his hand, Yeo Reum remembers Soo Yeon is the guy who saved her at the bus stop. Seo Koon leads people arrive, Soo Yeon kicks the stuff under the bench, so they don’t see it.

Soo Yeon sees off Geun Woo and the old lady, and runs into In Woo but he ignores him. The cleaner find the broken stuff and grumbles. Yeo Reum returns to check the broken stuff, it’s gone. She runs into Soo Yeon and asks him if they met before. But he denies it.

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