Evergreen Kdrama Recap: Episode 7

In the 7th episode of Evergreen Kdrama Recap, Oh Soo gives Yoo Ri a ride after her mother passed out at the facility. She lies to Jin Woo when he wants to call cab for her.

Evergreen Kdrama Recap: Episode 7

Mother asks Yoo Ri that why she cannot reach Min Ho when calling him, Yoo Ri lies that he is in oversea. Hyo Jin asks Oh Soo to do the business trip so that he can get more investors, but he rejects and claims he has a appointment when she wants to eat with him.

Yoo Ri tells Jin Woo that she gives him a chance to be his boyfriend while playing bowling together, but she claims mother and Soo Jung are important than her love. Then she is informed that her mother is fainted and goes to see her with Jin Woo. Oh Soo drives Yoo Ri when Jin Woo goes to take his car.

Nurse tells Yoo Ri that mother is fainted after seeing Min Ho. She asks Oh Soo to return home and reveals her mother is safe, going to buy mother porridge. But the porridge shop is closed so that she has to wait outside. Just then Oh Soo goes back with porridge.

Yoo Ri tells Oh Soo that her father died in the way to buy her birthday cake and reveals his last words, “Nobody was hurt”. Mother asks Oh Soo who he is after seeing he sleeping outside her room, he claims he is Yoo Ri’s neighbor. Yoo Ri tells mother that she got a boyfriend who is better than Min Ho and sees red heart on Oh Soo’s face when mother wakes her up.

Mother reveals it’s granny’s prank and wipes it off for him. Ga Nah thinks Oh Soo has a woman and reveals he is going to report to grandpa that Oh Soo slept a woman last night. CEO Nam takes his pets to see Cherry and claims they are sick, asking her to check their conditions. But Cherry refuses him polite.

Mother gives Oh Soo scarf and gloves while see him off. Yoo Ri lies she is in bus when Jin Woo calls her and asks to call a cab for her. Then Soo Jung tears up at Jin Woo’s office and tells him that Yoo Ri slept with Oh Soo at the facility.

Yoo Ri asks to transfer to the police station nearby her mother’s facility so that she can take care of mother, her colleagues are sad after hearing it. Yoo Ri gives Oh Soo cashes to thank to him for giving her a ride, he asks her to come to him when similar thing happens, she reveals she needn’t it and reveals she is going to be transferred to where mother is.

Ga Nah broke Oh Soo’s tree, but he claims it’s not him but the ball. Oh Soo dreams that he gets coffee for someone, but his father screams at him, he wakes up from the nightmare. Yoo Ri visits the cafe and asks Oh Soo to give her a ride after knowing her mother passed out.

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