Miss Hammurabi Kdrama Recap: Episode 3

In the 3th episode of Miss Hammurabi Kdrama, Cha Oh Reum tells Ba Reun that her teacher did sexual harassment on her after settling the case of manager sending nasty messages to intern at the court.

Miss Hammurabi Kdrama Recap: Episode 3

The lawyer tries to defend for plaintiff, and thinks he just wants to help the intern. But the judge Se Sang doesn’t think so, and reveals plaintiff sent the photo of his chest to defendant in the court. The lawyer thinks plaintiff just made a joke to defendant.

Cha Oh Reum gets angry because of the lawyer, and thinks the plaintiff harassed defendant. But Se Sang thinks the lawyer isn’t wrong, and reveals the song lyrics he sang is very popular in young people. Cha Oh Reum still insists on punishing plaintiff, and teases Se Sang. He hits desk with temper, and thinks she should consider plaintiff’s family.

Bo Wang comes to judge’s office when Cha Oh Reum and Ba Reun is talking about the case. Do Yeon shows up and asks Ba Reun to fill out the paper for her. Bo Wang thinks he can control his rational, and reveals he doesn’t understand why men are controlled by their instincts. Do Yeon tells him that the distance between rational and instinct is only about 10 centimeters, lifting her skirt in front of him. He is shocked when she is close to him. She thinks he is ordinary and average, and takes her shirt back after seeing his reacting. He is embarrassed when looking at Cha Oh Reun and Ba Reun, thinking they misunderstood him, and reveals her lifting was more than 10 centimeters. But Cha Oh Reun says she saw his eyes were so large than 10 centimeters. Bo Wang denies. Ba Reun points out that anything to sexually shame a person can be used for sexual harassment. Cha Oh Reum wants to treat Ba Reun and Bo Wang dinner, and asks them if they want to come.

Bo Wang thinks Cha Oh Reum is going to treat them at delicious restaurant, but she takes them to the market. Bo Wang is startled by a fish, and Cha Oh Reum disappears. Ladies in the market praise Ba Reun and Bo Wang’s butts, they’re scared, and find Cha Oh Reum.

The ladies think they shouldn’t wear tight suits, and one of ladies shows her chest to them. Just then grandma shows up, and thinks they shouldn’t do such thing to the judges. Cha On Reum introduces Bo Wang and Ba Reun to grandma. Grandma asks Ba Reun to take over her granddaughter, and thinks she is immature. But he doesn’t think so, and reveals he learned a lot from her.

Bo Wang tells Ba Reun that he cannot stay at the weird place when they’re peeing. A female cleaner shows up, and cheers Bo Wang on. Bo Wang is going to sue all of people in the market after going out from washroom. Ba Reun asks him if he truly felt the sexually shamed while pee. Bo Wang doesn’t answer his question, but says that he is going to sue him as well. Cha Oh Reum feels sorry for taking them there, and asks if they can understand the daily lives of Korean women. Ba Reun accepts it. But Bo Wang tries to persuade him to stand by his side, and reveals he was the victimized as well. The ladies reveal they punched by males with knife before, Ba Reun realizes sexually shaming is something they do when they have power. Cha Oh Reum agrees, and thinks the manager and intern’s case is an example of power imbalance. But Bo Wang thinks the manager doesn’t have reason to do that. Cha Oh Reum says that he wants to find a mate, so that he seduces her. Ba Reun agrees, and thinks he just wants to bother her. The ladies think he is just a dog, and persuade them not to spend time on thinking what the manager thinks while cutting a meat.

Cha Oh Reum asks Ba Reun if he works late for the case when he is working on the desk. He reveals he wants to look for similar cases, she says that the case feels personal to her while sitting in front of him, and reveals a man forced her to input her phone number to his phone while running into in the elevator when she was a student. He thinks she had a hard time before, and asks why the man did it on her since she could be her daughter. She reveals the man is a patriarch of family as well, and walks to the window when he looks at her, reveals she isn’t going to get married as she learned too much about the world at the early age.

She packs her stuff, and is going to go home, asking him if he wants to go together. But he still has some works to do. She cannot press the elevator button before the terrible experience happened before. Just then he shows up, and presses the button for her, and explains that he has a gathering. She asks him if he ran while looking at his back, he denies. The scene goes to the time she is going to leave, he runs to her until seeing standing outside the elevator.

Bo Wang comes to judge’s office when Cha Oh Reum and Ba Reun are going to go to trial, and tells them that he is researching the statements of witness. She thinks he should focus on his works instead of the poor girl. The prosecutor asks witness if her boyfriend saw the messages, and posted on social media. She admits. The lawyer comes to her, and forces her to answer her question. Judge Se Sang asks him to return his seat, thinking it’s not filming drama. The lawyer accepts his advise, and asks the witness if plaintiff helped her in work through the message, the witness says that he sent strange messages as well at night, and she deleted it because they were so disgusting. The lawyer threatens that she will be in prison to tell a story without evidence. Se Sang asks the lawyer to respect witness while asking, he replies that he just thinks plaintiff is too pitiful. Meanwhile plaintiff keeps on apologizing to witness.

The second witness works at plaintiff’s company as deputy chief, she thinks her boss worked hard, and came up with the marketing idea of “sexy code”, revealing that he told her that her beauty won’t take too long, thinking he had no bad intent, and laughed off. She adds that women need to compromise somewhat when living in the company which is full of men, reveals that she was told not to make a fuss just because she is a woman, thinking young women cry over nothing. Just then colleagues cheer on the manager.

The third witness reveals people in the department thought the intern was too sensitive because a marketing company is different than a regular company, and says that the intern couldn’t fit in. The lawyer agrees what she said, and thinks the part-timer is weird. Just then Se Sang says the first witness isn’t a part-timer, but an intern. The lawyer accepts what he said, and thinks she was behaving abnormally. The first witness yells, and says that she didn’t, and is in tears at this moment. The lawyer thinks the first witness makes a fuss over everything, and asks the third witness if she agrees it. The third witness says yes! Cha Oh Reum is pitiful while looking at first witness, and recalls her teacher praised her performing while touching her shoulders, saying that she would grow up into a beautiful woman when he hugged from her back. The lawyer asks to close the case, but Se Sang thinks they should look over the case, and makes decisions.

Se Sang tells Cha Oh Reum and Ba Reun that he loves watching professional baseball, and thinks it’s been rigged sometimes after trial. He thinks Cha Oh Reum wanted to hit him if he closed the case, and tells her not to show her bias during trial.

Bo Wang comes to office, and asks Cha Oh Reum and Ba Reun if they’re going to end the trial. Cha Oh Reum says that Se Sang isn’t the person to do it. Bo Wang thinks they fixed their relationship, but she says that their relationship has been excellent from the very beginning. Just then Do Yeon shows up with red skirt, and asks him to move aside. He nervously moves aside, and looks at her hips. She reveals the defense’s company products cosmetics, so that it caused problem after the intern’s boyfriend posted the message to social media. Cha Oh Reum gets her point, and realizes that the company intends to lose the lawsuit.

Ba Reun wants to exercise the authority to ask the female employees to come back and testify. But Se Sang doesn’t agree, and thinks the witnesses fear to testify again. Cha Oh Reum understands what Se Sang concerned, but she doesn’t want lawyer and witnesses to conceal the manager’s crime, asking to summon the fourth witness. He agrees it, but says that he will them if they mess the case.

Se Sang’s daughter Seo Hyun tells him that her male teacher walks in while they were changing clothes, and keeps asking big booms girl if their shoulders hurt. He lost his temper, and wants to get him fired. His wife says he has a trial today, and claims to do it for him.

Se Sang asks the fourth witness if she is closed first witness, She denies. Ba Reun asks her if she witnessed the victims having a hard time. She denies. Cha Oh Reum asks her whether or not her manager treated different between intern and other employees. She denies as well, and asks Cha Oh Reum to turn off the display when she wants to show the message which the manager sent to intern to her. But Cha Oh Reum claims that they need it for the examination, and asks her to look at the screen. The fourth witness says that she doesn’t have anything to tell, so that Cha Oh Reum asks her to read the message. But the fourth witness doesn’t want to do that, and thinks the messages are nasty. But Cha Oh Reum shows her her previous testimony that she thought the messages were just lighthearted jokes. Ba Reun asks the fourth if she had meet with victim before, she admits. He asks her if the full-time employees turned a blind eye to it. She says that she doesn’t know. Cha Oh Reum reminds her that perjury is punishable by law. Just then the lawyer says that the department the manager managed is like a family, but the first witness messed it. The fourth witness disagrees, and thinks family always fights whenever they get together. He asks her if she thinks if the messages her manager made were too inappropriately sexual in nature, saying that the deputy chief as a woman even laughed off the jokes. But she thinks deputy chief only cares about promoting, and becoming an executive, revealing that she slaps the butts of new male employees. Just then the second witness stares at the fourth witness with anger. The lawyer thinks the fourth witness signed a petition to support the defend, and asks her why she changed her tone. She looks at the victim, and says that she signed it because she wanted to help him when he was going to get fired, but people went on so far. She reveals the secretary told them to testify for manager to survive last week, and warns that everyone will go down if he goes down, and asks to make the intern seem like a psycho. She says that she is ashamed by this, but she turned a blind eye to it, because she needs to be full-time employee, and mentions a movie she watched last weekend, there is one line, “We may not have money, but we have honor. Let’s not live in a way that we’re ashamed of.” She reveals she cannot complete the movie after reading the line, because of she has lived a life that she is ashamed of, and asks judges to take a look at the messages she stored in her phone. She says that she was an intern two years ago when everyone are watching the display, and reveals the texts are the defense sent to her. Just then the defense’s wife cover her daughter’s eyes when she wants to watch it. The fourth witness continues saying that she wanted to work at a large company so that she endured the disgusting behavior, and reveals most of female interns went through it. She thinks the manager didn’t do it on full-time employees, because he fears union, reveals he asked her to sing some slow songs with him, and grabbed her butt when nobody was looking, claiming that she is going to sue him for sexual harassment. Just then the defense’s wife stands up, and says that she is going to sue the lawyer for sexual harassment, and reveals he touched her shoulders, and grabbed her hand, even touched her breasts a bit when he pretended to be drunk. Her daughter holds her hand, and asks her to stop with tears. But the defense’s wife says that the lawyer keeps asking for her daughter’s phone number. The defense gets angry, and grabs his lawyer’s clothes, thinking he isn’t a human being, beating him down. Just then, the first witness comes to fourth witness, and hugs her with tears, thanking her.

Cha Oh Reum asks Ba Reun if he has time to do the part-time job with her marketplace this weekend. Se Sang returns home quietly with newspaper at midnight. His wife asks him if he is a flyer while she is sleeping. He is nervous, and says that he wants to die.

He hides in the couch while reading newspaper, thinking it’s the perfect spot with no blind spots. Just then his daughters show up, and ask him, did he drank last night? He thinks there isn’t no safe place at his house while his wife looks at him.

Wife tells Se Sang that the man she watched on TV who has cancer after having three kids, and thinks he is irresponsible. But he disagrees. She hits him with a slap, and thinks the breadwinner isn’t allowed to get sick whenever he wants, saying that she will kill him if he leaves them behind and die. He promises that he won’t dare die until paying off all the loans, even if he falls ill. Then she tells him that the breadwinner has no right to get fired, and asks him to stick there like a barnacle. He accepts it, and wants to eat an apple.

Cha Oh Reum takes Ba Reun to wear hanbok, and works as part-timer. He is shy when people think they’re married couple. She tells him that her teacher did sexual harassment on her when teaching piano, and reveals she feels chill when someone brushes against her shoulder. He thinks it’s hard for her to deal with the case when it happened on her as well, and asks why she didn’t endure when he met her at the subway. She smiles, and says it’s because of him who didn’t turn a blind eye.

Dan Di tells her friends that she will protect them with law when they drink at club. Her friends are excited. But she is scared when a group of thugs shows up in front of her at the corner in the evening.

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