My ID Is Gangnam Beauty Kdrama Recap: Episode 1

This is first episode of My ID Is Gangnam Beauty Kdrama Recap, Mi Rae decides to get the plastic surgery because people don’t like her looks. But her classmates blame her more because she has fake beauty. Her misfortune doesn’t come from her looks, but her self-abased. This is what My ID Is Gangnam Beauty tries to express to us.

My ID Is Gangnam Beauty Kdrama Recap: Episode 1

My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

Mi Rae wears hoodie with a mask to cover a half her face, and scores the women in the train. Her mother Eun Sim takes her to the hospital, the nurse claims they prepared her surgery. The doctors explains to them the risk of the surgery, Eun Sim signs the agreement.

She tells Mi Rae not to worry about the cost, and cheers her up before she enters operating room. Mi Rae lies in the operating table, and remembers the boys bullied her because of her fatty. She fought it back, but the boys locked her up in the restroom. She tore up, and said that she didn’t want to be victimized.

She got angry to Eun Sim who wanted her to take the bones, as she was intention to lose weight. She kept running until became a slim girl. She confessed her feeling to Yong Cheol, but he called her Kang Orc, and warned her not to tell others that she fell for him. She was scared of being taken photo, as she was ugly. She was envy the couple who passed by, and walked alone in the dark.

Eun Sim yells at the mountain, and wishes Mi Rae becomes a pretty girl. Mi Rae gets her new ID, and shows up at the perfume shop. The saleswoman thinks she has a date. Mi Rae denies, and realizes that she is pretty.

Tae Sik drives the passenger, and shows Mi Rae’s photo to him, thinking she is prettier than Kim Tae Hee. Mi Rae walks around the campus, and thinks she will start a new life. Hyun Jung shows up, and offers to take a photo together. Mi Rae accepts it after thinking for a while. The guy passes by, and takes a peek to her. She is frustrated, and thinks she is ugly. But Hyun Jung cheer her up, and says she is pretty. Just then another guy shows up, and asks for her number. But she says that she doesn’t have. Hyun Jung snaps her, and reveals he said she is her type.

Mi Rae greets to her classmates, but one of the guy thinks she is a X Man, as she is drop-dead gorgeous. When she thinks she is going to be the outsider, Soo A shows up with a smile. Mi Rae is self-abased since Soo A is a nature beauty, but Soo A asks to be Mi Rae’s friend then.

Won Ho wants to help Soo A, when she is carrying a heavy box with a girl. But she rejects. Chan Woo tells Won Ho not to waste his time if she isn’t easy. Soo A denies.

In the introducing section, the handsome guy introduces himself as Kyung Seok, Mi Rae knew him before. Soo A says that she didn’t date before, but nobody believes what she said. She introduces Mi Rae as pretty girl, and makes her nervously, especially some guys think she got plastic surgery.

Won Ho loves Soo A more when she pours drink to other classmates. Min A asks Kyung Seok if he has a girlfriend, but he isn’t interested in her. Jung Boon loses her confident when staying with Mi Rae. Mi Rae says she is pretty as well to cheer her up, Jung Boon thinks it’s a lie. Chan Woo gets wine for Mi Rae, and asks to be her boyfriend. She is startled.

Soo A applauds Kyung Seok when he wins the drinking beer competition, Mi Rae thinks it’s not a problem since he didn’t recognize her. She is recommended to be the team leader at the talent competition since she helped Jung Boon to guess all the songs correctly. But Mi Rae isn’t confident, and calls Hyun Jung. Hyun Jung tells her to show what she has to them.

Soo A cannot remember the lyrics while singing, the girl pushes Kyung Seok to the stage to help her. But he doesn’t know the song. Mi Rae dances on the stage, people cheer and follow her to dance. It’s the first time she feels she is being loved. Jung Boon asks Mi Rae if she was in a dance club, but Mi Rae reveals she just practiced alone by watching TV sheepishly.

Chan Woo wants to do cross-cupped wine with Mi Rae. But she says she is drunk, and leaves. He thinks she just pretends to be weak. She tears up, and tells her mom that people like her when Eun Sim calls in.

Min A asks Kyung Seok to get some fresh air when he is drinking, he rejects. But he goes to enjoy the fresh air alone. Soo A says that she is drunk when seeing him at the hallway, but he asks if anyone else wants to help her sober up. Many guys are waiting there to give her their water bottles.

Mi Rae sees Kyung Seok waling outside, and goes to brook to avoid him. She is startled by Tae Sik’s calling, when she texts to Hyun Jung that she met Kyung Seok. She pretends to be Mi Rae’s senior, since dad didn’t recognize her. Tae Sik tells Eun Sim that Mi Rae’s senior picked his phone, and thinks her voice is similar to his daughter. He snaps his wife when she mentions her daughter’s plastic surgery.

Chan Woo suggests Mi Rae to rest in the lounge since she is drunk, and volunteers to be the guide. Kyung Seok sees them walking through grove while drinking. Mi Rae is nervous in the lounge because Chan Woo asks her to sit together. She is choking when he says that she is pretty, he asks her to like him after confessing his feeling. But she pretends that someone is looking for her, and wants to leave.

He tries to lock up the door, but Kyung Seok breaks into from outside, and makes Chan Woo fall. He asks her if she is ok after Chan Woo left, she says that she is ok, and is going to leave. But he asks her if she went to Jadong Middle School. She is shocked.

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